Our ride etiquette is to help ensure the safety of the group and those around us. We aim to make the experience of riding with the flyers as fun as possible.


– All riders must wear a helmet. No exception.
– No rider will be left behind. If you find yourself dropping back, the group you’re with will wait at the next junction or at the top of the hill.
– Riders will ride two abreast and in a group whilst in built up areas. When it is unsafe to ride as a group the command to ‘Single Out’ will be given.
– Riders must follow the highway code at all times. Red light jumping will not be tolerated.
– Abusive behaviour to other riders or road users will not be tolerated.
– You must inform the group or ride leader if you intend to leave the group.
– You must ensure that your bike is roadworthy and you carry the spares and tools necessary for fixing punctures and minor mechanical problems.
– Ensure you have the correct clothing, food and drinks necessary to complete the ride comfortably.
– Don’t engage in road rage that may directed at you or the group.

Mechanical Problems or Injury

– For minor mechanical problems the group will wait and lend a hand in fixing the problem.
– If the bike cannot be fixed at the roadside or a cyclist is injured and cannot carry on then a conscious decision must be taken to allow the group to split. This will only be done after it is confirmed that the cyclist has a way of getting home or receiving appropriate medical assistance.

For accidents or injuries requiring medical attention:
– Give first aid and contact the emergency services as appropriate

Always make sure you obtain:

– Contact details for the Third Party driver(s) or person(s) and their insurance details
– Make, model and registration number of any vehicle(s) involved
– Contact details for all witnesses and any witness accounts
– Details of the incident location, including photos of the location and highway defect(s)
– Do not enter into any discussions regarding liability.
– After the event, contact the committee who will then ask you to complete an accident form. The committee may report the incident to British Cycling.
– Any injured cyclist may contact the police and their own insurers if they wish.

Each Rider Must Carry

– Spare tube(s)
– Tyre levers
– Pump or CO2
– Multi-tool
– Chain breaker and quick links
– Plenty to drink
– Food/energy products
– Clothing appropriate to the weather
– Cash
– A mobile phone is optional, but usually a good idea
– For new riders to have piece of mind, you may wish to give your phone number to the ride leader before setting out.